Mission Statement

In line with the directive principles of state policy, the Geneva Mission seeks to promote and protect the interest of Ghana in the multilateral setting of Geneva and Vienna. To this end, it joins efforts with the members of the United Nations and other International Organizations to work towards the achievement of a just and equitable international economic and social order. The ultimate aim, in these efforts, is to enhance the socio-economic development of Ghana and the quality of life of its people.

Services and Activities

The Mission participates in the numerous conferences and meetings that are held in Geneva and Vienna, in order to contribute to the establishment of International norms and standards, the formulation of regulations and decisions and resolutions germane to the objects and purposes of the United Nations and the International community. It further ensures that Ghana's rights, under the various Treaties and Agreements, are not diminished but are enhanced and that she derives full benefits from its membership of the international organizations while fulfilling its national obligations.

The Mission sees itself as a client or citizen service outfit reengineered in tune with the current auspicious dispensation in Ghana to provide consular services in an expeditious and efficient manner.See Consular Schedules and Services

The Geneva Mission further provides general information and references on Ghana for the effective promotion of trade, investment and tourism. Important information on Ghana's trade and investment policies can be found in the Report on Ghana's Trade and Investment Policy Review undertaken in collaboration with UNCTAD in Geneva in November 2002.

See Trade and Investment Policy

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