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The National Museum & National Archives The National Museum.

Located on Barnes Road, this fine museum houses a fascinating collection of Ghana’s historical treasures. The exhibits housed under the two-tiered rotounda of the museum comprise much more than Ghanaian Culture alone, and include a collection of the neighbouring West African countries as well as an archaeological department located in a hall on the first floor.

On of the museum's ground-floor wings is devoted to temporary exhibitions which can range from contemporary dyed fabrics to traditional and eve sacred artifacts such as the celebrated Ashanti ancestor stools.

Other interesting exhibits in the ground-floor rooms include richly decorated Asahnti gold-weighted scales adorned with finely-rendered symbolic images illustrative of traditional proverbs.

The walls of these exhibition hassls are lined with examples of traditional Ghanaian garments known as Kente, each of whose symbolic woven desins has its own special meaning, and certain of which are reserved for chiefs or dignitaries.

Scenes from Ghana