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Ghana And Latvia Cooperate To Enhance Bilateral Relations .

Ghana and Latvia have agreed to strengthen their bilateral relations and share best practices for the mutual benefit of both countries.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Hon. Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey (MP) paid a working visit to the Republic of Latvia in mid July 2018. In a meeting with her Latvian counterpart Mr. Edgars Rink?vi?s, the Minister indicated that the achievements of Latvia in the last one hundred years since gaining independence were worth emulating by Ghana. She stressed that Ghana was committed to take her collaboration with Latvia to another level, to ensure that relations between the two countries was strengthened for the mutual benefit of both countries.

She disclosed that Ghana’s collaboration with Latvia will focus on areas such as Agriculture, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Education and E-Governance. She also proposed that the Latvian Government could consider a possible inter-universities exchange programmes that would see Latvian students coming to Ghana to study particularly, at the Institute of African Studies.

The Foreign Minister for Latvia, Mr. Edgars Rink?vi?s, for his part said, his country was delighted to partner with Ghana on both political and economic levels for the mutual benefit of both countries. He added that both Ghana and Latvia valued the essence of their independence and have a duty to continue in their efforts to protect and secure the freedom the two countries are enjoying currently.

Collaboration to improve legislative functions in both countries.

During discussions at a meeting held between the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Hon. Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey and the Deputy Speaker of the Latvian Parliament, Ms. Inese L?bina-Egnere, Ghana and Latvia agreed to share best practices to improve the legislative functions in their respective countries as required by their sovereign constitutions.

The Deputy Speaker Ms. L?bina-Egnere, indicated that the Latvian Parliament would be glad to share it’s rich experience in the areas of ICT- aided law making, the approach to constant engagements between Members of Parliament and their constituents, processes leading to the passage of laws to protect consumers and the development of privacy rights. Hon. Botchwey pointed out that she would forward the content of the discussions to the leadership of Parliament to begin work on the actual processes leading to the exchange of ideas.

The two leaders, during their discussions, agreed that it was time for their respective countries to lift their bilateral relations from political consultations to economic collaboration that would yield financial benefits for both countries. The meeting also considered various sectors of the Latvian body politic that has seen transformation such as education, e-governance, agro processing and the pharmaceutical industry.

POSTED JULY 25, 2018

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