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1. Please read very carefully all the instructions on the front page of the Passport Application form before completing it.

2. Complete all applicable sections fully in Capital (Upper case) letters to ensure it can be read easily and correctly.

3. Please note that the Passport Application form was primarily designed for use in Ghana. Some of the Sections therefore need to be adapted to suit local situations abroad.

The following peculiarities must thus be noted by the applicant:

a) Section 7 Residential Address/Telephone number of applicant in Switzerland must be provided under this section.

b) Section 10(i) & (ii) Address(es) of father and mother of applicant must include House(Residential) numbers and telephone numbers. Information required under this session must be provided even if applicant’s parents are deceased.

c) Section 11(i) & (ii) Names, contact addresses and telephone numbers of two relatives in Switzerland, or two Ghanaians in good standing in Switzerland who know the applicant well and agree to act as guarantors for the applicant are to be provided under this section.

d) Section 15 The witness must be a Ghanaian national, who is gainfully employed and knows the applicant as well as the two guarantors whose particulars and signatures are provided in Section 11 (i) & (ii) on the application form.

e) Section 16 A neat Right Thumb Print of the applicant must be provided in the appropriate box under this section.

4. Change of Name/Change of Profession:

Applicants requesting the above changes to reflect their new status must provide relevant evidence such as: Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificates, Statutory Declarations duly sealed by a competent court, school certificates/Diplomas, Letters from employers etc.

5. Fees: The total cost (i.e. Application form and processing) for a Ghana Passport is CHF200.00 Applicants must pay the full amount and obtain receipts when they visit the Mission to collect application forms.

NB: i. Any supporting documents in languages other than English must be accompanied by their English translations.

ii. Passports will only be issued when all the above requirements have been fully satisfied, and applicants must allow at least six (6) weeks from the date of submission of the forms to the Mission for the delivery of their new passports

iii. Passports application Fees are not refundable

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